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Friends from the world of design, writing, illustration, education, fashion, web, travel, film, TV and more working together to help people become what they want to become. We help people in businesses and communities to explore, learn, understand and improve themselves. And build relationships with other people.

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Sam's a designer of great intelligence and ideas, with a real dedication to his craft. He's a pleasure to work with.

John Simmons

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We help people in businesses and communities achieve what they want to achieve. And we build relationships with them. Click on a project to see how we helped. And get in touch if you’d like to chat about working with us.

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Waving at John

Cameras sometimes capture the moments that whisper between the experiences of the day. The ones that are blurred, out of focus, and have no apparent reality in them. At best they’re a hazy representation of life. The creative stumbles, sometimes leading more to the imagination by holding a trace of a memory captured. These paused moments hold intrigue for me, so I log them and hope to eventually find an appropriate project for them to nestle next to.

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The water will always win

Growing up, I loved being in the water; something about it was different to anything else. On the surface it was fresh and noisy, still a part of day-to-day life, but submerged it was quiet, supportive and beautifully solitary. Both my parents taught me to swim but my dad taught me to dive, from boards and deep down under the surface, where you exist (for as long as you can hold your breath) in a sort of stress-free stasis.

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Time spent looking out from the harbour wall in Mevagissey.